ARIEL ROSE – Reach For The High


My song “Reach For The High” is autobiographical. When I was in high school,last year, people were criticizing everything I did, as many were jealous of my music career. I know this because before I came out with a CD and music video people did not make fun of me much. When I was 16, I released my first CD, ‘Rhythms of Life.” There was a large launch party, attended by over 2,000 people at a major club in South #Florida. The event was covered by the press, both in print and on TV.

As a result, after I started generating a lot of attention, the whole school knew who I was and many of the students did not support my career. They would make fun of my songs and make fun of me as a performer. I would go home many days and feel really bad about myself. Oddly enough,i found out that the very people that were criticizing me and making me feel bad were following me on #Facebook, #YouTube, and #Twitter, and secretly knew where I had been performing. But, they would never compliment me or publicly support me. So, as a comeback to all of the offensive remarks, I decided to write a song to all of the people who tried to bring me down.

I realized when I was writing the song that this theme is bigger than I am; it is universal. I know so many people have experienced something just like I did and could relate. I wanted to write a song that would empower everyone to never give up and believe in themselves. So I wrote, “Reach For The High.” I structured the lyrics in a way where the verses explain what people said to me in an attempt to pull me down. For example, the song begins with “Give up before you fail. Stop trying, and dream on, they say!” and in the second verse I wrote the things that my “friends” would do such as “They kiss you, hug you when they see you and they tell you ‘You’re great!’. Then they turn around and whisper to their friends. They’re so fake.” People would pretend to be nice to me when they were with me, but I would later find out that they would talk about me behind my back and make fun of me. I then structured the hook to be inspirational to people who have ever felt bullied, criticized, or judged and wrote, “Reach for the high. The power’s inside. There’s nothing you can’t do if you believe.”

I wrote these words because after my experiences, I realized that it really does not matter what other people say as long as you believe in yourself, work hard to reach your goals, and keep your head up high. I debuted “Reach For The High” at the Annual “Inspire Greatness” Gala for the #SpecialOlympics in #Miami and felt it was a great song to instill in the young athletes that they can overcome their obstacles if they believe in themselves and to not let others bring them down. I can’t wait for the day when I prove to all of the people who didn’t believe in me that I can achieve my dreams and I hope “Reach For The High” empowers all of the Special Olympics athletes I sang for, and many other people to feel the same way.

ALEX SILAS – Catania

Last year, Alex Silas set out on a three month backpacking trip across Italy and the Balkans to do a little soul-searching – all while balancing a full time job to put himself through university, pay rent and fund his own studio sessions. Along the way, Silas met up with fellow travelers, hung out with locals at a stop in #Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina and even went as far as to jump off a bridge 27 meters above the Neretva River.

Inspired by his travels, he immediately started writing and recording upon his return home and, over the next few months, #Catania, Silas’ new EP, was recorded, mastered and released independently. Almost immediately, Catania started getting adds on local college and university stations, charting in the Top Ten across the country. The song Carryin’ On has received features on major stations like #CIHT (Hot 89.9 FM in Ottawa) and #CILV (Live 88.5 FM in Ottawa). All of this attention earned Silas a spot opening for Kardinal Offishall and Classified at #JUNOFest 2012.

Now, Silas is back in the studio working on a follow-up EP due out this fall and performing shows in full support of Catania all over eastern #Ontario.


One particular song, Bump, is an angry hard driving look at the destruction of #drugs. The inspiration came when at one particular studio, the sound engineer who had been nominated for a #Grammy asked me, “hey, ya wanna do a little bump?” It was obvious after years of “bumping” all that he had was gone, and all that was left was remnants of a man and #heroin. Along with that picture was the memory of a close friend bass player with a gold record, and a beautiful, brilliant little boy, was so enslaved by #cocaine, he would neglect his son. During a sober, cogent moment he realized what he had done, then realized his addiction. So torn, so filled with remorse and a feeling of no way out, he installs a hose in his exhaust pipe, closes all the windows, starts the car and goes to sleep forever. ” Do a little bump and it all goes away”


Song From 22

When I was 22, I met a 21 year old. The first time we hung out, we had a “marathon date,” if you will. We played drinking games and watched movies, drank a box of wine while walking around the city of #Boston at 3am, took the subway to the beach when the public transportation opened, stopped off at the airport for coffee and donuts, bought pancake mix for lunch… and collapsed from exhaustion. The entire event lasted about 14 hours. It was everything I was looking for– irrational, mindless #FUN!

I could get used to this…

We went to bars just for last call, hung out at playgrounds after-hours, and walked miles in the dark to get to crappy all-night diners.

Then… just as I was getting used to it… I remembered what it was like to be 21.

I’m not saying one year is a big age difference, by any means, but when you’ve just turned 21, you can drink legally, and BAM– the world is your oyster! This kid had no intentions of making this a regular thing, let alone a committed thing. So, I came down from my dating high, wrote “Song from 22” and vowed not to stick around long enough for #karma to show me what I had done just 1 year prior.

Ever since then, it’s been one of my favorite songs to share with people. It’s super lighthearted and relatable. I take people on a journey with me– all the way up to cloud 9, and then right back down to earth– snapping their fingers and tapping their toes along the way!

PATH OF MOTION – Lighthouses

One of Path Of Motion’s newest endeavors, the unreleased song Lighthouses, from our upcoming EP, is an hard rock epic, from the point of view of a young man at sea, leaving everything he knows behind. The song uses vivid imagery and metaphors of violent winds and the high seas, while the man spends his days and nights without guidance, searching for somewhere to dock his boat and restart his life.

After the storm he sails in finally breaks, he uses the stars and his heart to guide him, and regains somewhat of an inner peace, regarding his new life, which begins at the sight of a lighthouse in the distance, beckoning to him, as a strong presence in a pitch black night.

We wrote this song with as a story, as we’ve all dealt with personal experience on leaving behind parts of our lives, and though you may not know what’s coming, and it may be a rough ride, there is always a light at the end of the #journey, you just have to be willing to ride out the storm. We all wanted to be able to reach out to people in a tough situation, perhaps embarking on a new journey, or in the midst of big changes, and convey to them that if you stick it out, it really will be ok, you just have to be willing to work and wait for it.