“Nowhere at All” from Lisa Brigantino’s October 2018 album release I’ll Waltz Before I Gois a song co-written posthumously with Brigantino’s cousin Felix Pappalardi, the legendary producer/composer/multi-instrumentalist/bassist who produced Cream, The Youngbloods, Hot Tuna (among many others) and went on to produce and play bass in Mountain with Leslie West. 

Brigantino had some handwritten sketches of lyrics written by Pappalardi in her possession since his untimely death in 1983. She showed the lyrics to her husband and co-producer Thomas Millioto only a few years ago and he suggested she write music to some of the lyrics. She asked the Pappalardi Estate for permission to do so, and the 1970s-infused Rock tune “Nowhere at All” was born. “Felix was such an inspiration to me when I was growing up,” says Brigantino. “He even gave me my first electric bass when I was 14, and was always encouraging of the creative exploits of both my sister and I. It’s a tremendous honor for me to have collaborated with him on “Nowhere at All.”   

Brigantino is a former original member of Lez Zeppelin, the world’s first all girl Led Zeppelin tribute band.  She played bass, keys and mandolin and toured internationally with the band for a number of years playing A list venues and festivals including Bonnaroo and Download. She left the band in 2009 to focus on writing and performing her original music.  Visit more information.

ALTO KEY – Obsession

Obsession is an energetic indie folk song inspired by the idea of personifying a passion and love for music, whilst accepting there exist parallels of unrequited love when throwing yourself into songwriting and the creative process. Everything in this song packs a punch, with its soaring vocals, blasting brass and explosive drums. In between all this energy, listeners can hear beautiful bittersweet piano and strings that bring the raw and honest emotion that Alto Key wears proudly on his sleeve.



Ink is the sexiest song off looseleaf’s sophomore album, Paper Cuts. New York based artists Wesley Edwards and Anthony Marone turn old scars into new art with their latest single. When someone is hurting, sometimes all they want is to be smothered with love; Ink is that passionate love, underscored by a sultry bass and smooth percussion.  

The song was written after Wesley broke his collar bone and had to undergo a major surgery. The duo wanted to highlight what it means to heal, through the use of creative metaphors. Ink is a major throwback to the sounds of the sixties and also incorporates a modern electro pop twist.




Sam Deffenbaugh wrote “Virginia” in 7th grade after moving from his childhood home to Chicago. Although this song is literally about moving away from Virginia, it is meant to invoke the feeling of absence and longing that comes with any move. Moving makes the old home into an idyllic place that is unobtainable. The danger is that one might not see moving as a chance for reinvention and growth and instead focus on the lost friendships and tarnished memories. 


Take me far away from here
Where spent candles have no hold
And we gaze into sticker starlight
Reminded of weeks grown old

I can hear it ringing out
Under Virginia skies
No bridges left to burn
Or heroes to watch die

The girls walk like reflections
Always mirroring your steps
But out of time to the music
Until only a reflection’s left