Blood Brothers – Etherial

This song, which is also the title song of our debut album, started with a small idea which I had when I was messing around with the guitar. Like most great ideas, the discovery of this one too was accidental. I was practicing my slides when out of nowhere, I came up with this amazing four note melody, which ended up as the intro to the song. I tried putting a vocal melody in but it just didn’t fit anywhere. It was then that I thought, why not make this a guitar driven, instrumental track. As a guitarist, I always wanted to do something like that. And this song gave me the chance. 

The notes just started flowing and it was as if the music made itself. Then our bass player came up with another great descending scale melody, which fit right into the web of the song. And before we knew it, we had created a kickass instrumental. Then it was time to think about the name. With a song with vocals, that shouldn’t be too hard but how do you name an instrumental ? We tried to gauge the feel of the song. To me, it felt other worldly. It was just so beautiful. It took you to another realm altogether. And fortunately, we came up with just the right word  to describe the feeling. Ethereal. 

It also gave us the idea of naming the album the same way. Music which took you to another world. That was our idea. And we tried to recreate the same feeling when producing the track. There was a heavy use of synths to create that mystic and other worldly feel. The guitars were heavy on delay and reverb. Even the bass lines were clean and full of descending slides which again replicated the emotion we were trying to convey. The whole process just felt right. And you know a good song when you’ve made one. And the satisfaction and pleasure we derived from the whole thing was certainly ethereal.