Visiting Causeway Bay

Start off by strolling through Jardine’s Crescent, camera in hand, for a real sense of a Hong Kong street market. There are some good finds to be had, as well as $5 (US) watches and T-shirts. Emerging at the far end of the market you will be on Jardine’s Bazaar, a.k.a.

Old New York can replace the New York Wheel

Imagine a stroll through ‘Old New York’ from the the Rainbow Room of the 40’s, into the bongo infested West Village of the 50’s, past the 60’s Dylan/Warhol scene, culminating at the 70’s Disco Glam of Studio 54. It’s a themed retro-zone designed to trigger New York nostalgia and the requisite souvenir shopping, photo-ops, and virtual thrill rides.

Seattle Museum Month

February is the best time to save on admission to more than 40 participating museums throughout Seattle and the region. Visit Seattle’s annual Seattle Museum Month in February. – offering hotel guests half-price admission at more than 40 participating museums throughout Seattle and the region.

Ocean Drive Hotels in South Beach

Italian breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served at Il Paparazzi Restaurant with outside terrazzo dining. Ocean’s Ten offers all meals with indoor and outdoor dining areas with nightly entertainment. Miami city center and Bayfront Park are within 10 minutes’ drive of the hotel. Lincoln Road Mall and New World Symphony are 17 minutes’ walk away.

Lake Tahoe Winter

Photo: Jeff Dow Slush, crust, powder, ice, and crud! What are they? Ingredients? Not exactly,but close.They are textures of snow.They are names of the different kinds of snow. And though snow is a gentle white heaven, it behooves you to know what kind of snow you are on if you are planning to play on the majestic Sierra Nevada mountains of Lake Tahoe.

Key West is a World Apart

Words by Barbara Bowers | Photo by Sue Swank On this southernmost island in the United States, it seems these feisty, free-range fowl party ’round the clock with visitors, who also can’t get their wake-up calls in sync with normal sleeping habits.

Spring In Western Australia

Western Australia puts on a wildflower display like no other, with incredible varieties of blooms and colors. Over 12,500 plant species can be found here, along the coastal regions as well as in the drier, flatter inland areas. Due to Australia’s distance from other land masses, the majority of these plants exist nowhere else.

Miami Beach, USA

Having been formed less than a hundred years ago, in 1915, Miami Beach is far younger than many equally popular tourist spots like Athens or Nice. Despite this, Miami has certainly carved out its own niche in history in its relatively brief tenure and the city is now known the world over for its incredible beaches, amazing nightlife, and questionable underbelly.

Your own private island

A little cabin off the grid on a private island in Hvalar, Norway. Books, boardgames and a boat. It’s all you need if you’re in love. Catch your own dinner in the location with the most sunny days in all of Norway. Or buy it at the nearby grocery store.